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Plugin Options

videojs-contrib-ads can be configured with custom settings by providing a settings object at initialization:{
  timeout: 3000

The current set of options are described in detail below.


Type: number Default Value: 5000

The maximum amount of time to wait in ad mode before an ad break begins. If this time elapses, ad mode ends and content resumes.

Some ad plugins may want to play a preroll ad even after the timeout has expired and content has begun playing. To facilitate this, videojs-contrib-ads will respond to an adsready event during content playback with a readyforpreroll event. If you want to avoid this behavior, make sure your plugin does not send adsready after adtimeout.


Type: number No Default Value

Override the timeout setting just for preroll ads (the time between play and startLinearAdMode)


Type: number No Default Value

Override the timeout setting just for preroll ads (the time between readyforpostroll and startLinearAdMode)


Type: boolean Default Value: false

Set this to true if you are using ads stitched into the content video. This is necessary for ad events to be sent correctly.


Type: boolean Default Value: true

If set to true, content will play muted behind ads on supported platforms when the content is detected to be a live stream. This is to support ads on live video metadata cuepoints. It also results in more precise resumes after ads in this scenario. If set to false, the snapshot feature will be used to restore content to its previous state after an ad break.

Note: In a future major version update, we plan to change the default to false because we believe this reflects a more intuitive and common default behavior. The default is true for backwards compatibility. If you want to avoid having to migrate in the future, you might consider setting an explicit value for liveCuePoints instead of relying on the default.


Type: boolean No Default Value

Use this to override detection of if the content video is a live stream. Live detection checks if the duration is Infinity but there are cases when this check is insufficient.


Type: boolean Default Value: videojs.options.normalizeAutoplay || false

Set this to true if you intend to use video.js’s custom autoplay settings (“play”, “muted”, or “any”). It defaults to true if the videojs normalizeAutoplay option is true since normalizeAutoplay signals an intent to use autoplay: "play" behavior.


Type: boolean Default Value: false

If debug is set to true, the ads plugin will output additional debugging information. This can be handy for diagnosing issues or unexpected behavior in an ad plugin.