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Getting started developing videojs-contrib-ads


videojs-contrib-ads is designed to be built with npm.

If you don’t already have npm, you will need to install Node.js (which comes with npm). We recommend using NVM to manage your installed Node versions. Either way, the supported Node version is listed in the project’s .nvmrc file.

With NPM ready, you can download the ads plugin’s build-time dependencies and then build the ads plugin. Open a terminal to the directory where you’ve cloned this repository, then:

$ npm install
$ npm run build

We will run a suite of unit tests and code formatting checks, then create a dist/ directory. Inside you’ll find the minified ads plugin file, the unminified, and the CSS


Checks for errors or style issues.

npm run lint


Runs QUnit tests.

Using command line

npm run test

In browser

Run npm start and a Chrome instance will launch with Karma’s debug interface at localhost:9876, allowing you to debug tests. Also, a static server will run and allow you to look at examples at localhost:9999.

What’s Next

Check out the architecture overview to learn your way around the code.